Lilkee (2005)

Lilkee- Simple & Heart-warming:

That’s how one can describe the CFSI movie Lilkee (2005). A simple movie full of positivity, and no heavy-handed preaching.

Essentially, it’s true that all children’s movies can usually be described as “simple”. But I cannot say how, but the word takes differing connotations for each movie. Hirer Angti had a mystery to it, and yet the execution was simple. So were Rhino or Triyatri. One should see them in the light of message communicated. Each one of them has a positive message to convey and yet this is done in a simple, effortless manner.

And so is Lilkee, full of positivity.

But before going into the story, a little about the director.

The Director:

Name of the Director: Batul Mukhtiar

While doing the research on CFSI’s movies I came through this name a few times. I came to know that she has made two movies- Lilkee & Kaphal, for CFSI. I ran through her name a few more times, before it dawned on me that she was the person behind the blog Banno, Dhanno & Teja (the link’s in the side bar). Hence, I wasted no more time in watching Lilkee. Needless to say, I loved it.


Lilkee, is 11 years old and lives in a village of Garhwal along with her mother and younger sister. Since her father died in an accident couple of years back, her mother is unable to support both daughters. It’s the reason she had to stop Lilkee’s education.

Lilkee, played by Aiman Mukhtiar

Hence, her mother has no alternative but to send Lilkee to work so as to provide a little support to the family. Lilkee is therefore sent with Bela to Mumbai to take care of Bela’s son, Bittu.

As it is, Bela too is from the same village and has known Lilkee and her family for long. Lilkee’s mother in fact works at Bela’s home in their village. So, Lilkee now arrives in Mumbai, leaving her family and friends behind.

The new life:

As Lilkee’s life begins in Mumbai, Bela & her husband Tutu try to make her as comfortable as possible. Still at times she does feel lonely remembering her friends, mother and sister.

Bela & Tutu with Lilkee     

One day when Lilkee is out for a stroll with Bittu, a football match is going on amongst the society’s children. When one of the girls has to leave, another one Anushka asks Lilkee to join in. This way Lilkee makes friends with Anuskha & her friend Saani.

Snap of Lilkee, Anushka & Saani
New friends- Lilkee, Anushka & Saani

These two have another friend Riya. Riya seems to be the boss, as everything she says usually ends with the words: “And that’s final”.

One day when Lilkee calls the three of them to Bela’s house, Riya is quick to gauge Lilkee’s position there. When she asks Lilkee if Bela is her real sister, Lilkee tells the truth. She tells the three that every one in her village has to go to work outside to earn for their families. She came too. It helps her mother and sister back home.

While Anushka & Saani, don’t mind it, Riya does. She is not going to play or be friends with servant. And that’s final- for her friends too.

So, it is that Lilkee becomes lonely again. But children are children. Their misgivings about classes are as easily resolved as they are formed. Hence, the three girls become close to Lilkee as simply as they had gone apart.

Some trouble:

One day when Anushka & Saani are at Bela’s home Bittu swallows something. The girls get panicked. They try calling Bela & Tutu, but do not get any answer. Saani declares that she knows a doctor & the three rush out with Bittu. Tutu comes home to finds it empty. He comes to know that Lilkee was seen going out with her friends and Bittu. Tutu goes out and tries searching them. Arriving home, he finds the three girls are back. He gets a little angry and scolds Lilkee for her irresponsible behaviour.

This incident, especially being scolded by Tutu, upsets Lilkee. She asks Bela to send her back. Though Tutu tries his best to apologise and make friends, Lilkee begins keeping a distance.

On the other hand, Lilkee’s friend decide to take matters in their own hands. They have come to the conclusion that Bela & Tutu will not send Lilkee back. They need a servant of course. So, it’s obviously up to them to help their friend go back to her mother.

But there is one problem. Even though Bela has no problem sending Lilkee back (as against what Lilkee’s friends believe), her mother cannot afford it. She asks Bela to either convince Lilkee or find her some other place of work.

Now what will happen. Lilkee’s mother definitely cannot take her back. Working at some other, unknown place then? Or Lilkee’s friend manage to send her back with their collective pocket monies?

Don’t worry, the answer is not that difficult.

Some thoughts:

The solution and the film though simple left me with some thoughts in their wake.

The first thing that comes to mind after watching Lilkee is about the situation of people living in the mountainous regions. The fact that they cannot meet their needs in their villages and have to leave their families to work in cities. Not just the mountains, it may be true for people from several regions. Unable to find gainful employment in their villages or it’s vicinity, there is no option left but to venture out to big cities. Some may do good, but many have to live in worse conditions.

Another thing is the how our society thinks in general. The social barriers especially, and how these automatically get transferred to the children- who have none to begin with.

Final reflections:

Now this may be a spoiler, but don’t make it miss the fun of the movie. The thing that comes to mind is it’s not that tough being good to someone. If, especially one can afford it, one can and should try to help at least one person. It’s the will that counts And the movie conveys it, by way of Bela & Tutu.

That’s why I call the movie was positively simple and simply positive.

Anushka, Saani & Riya giving their pocket monies


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