Few questions on this World Environement Day

World Environment Day is being celebrated today all over. Papers are full of articles on it’s importance and the importance of saving environment. One thing especially gets pointed out is that every one of us should “Plant More Trees”. But as more and more trees are considered as necessary sacrifices in our path to development, one wonders.

What if I plant a sapling today, see it grow into a tree over a decade, only to have it cut for some unnecessary road widening? For many a times it is unnecessary.

What is the use of a widest possible road with no tree to give you a moment of relief from scorching heat?

When trees are planted or transplanted (in many cases improperly) miles away from a city, they say they are creating a green belt in lieu of those cut here. But what about the climate within a city? Is a person supposed to travel miles away, stand into shade of a tree, feel happy and come back, ready to face the dry, treeless city again?

These are but a few questions that pop-up as I see my once very green city losing its charm and calmness.

This is just a quick glimpse but there are many more and with time we will take a more comprehensive look at the ever going debate between balances of development and protection of environment.

A news clipping from today