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The film’s story is about a girl Sonu suffering from a slight handicap in her right leg since birth. In its simple way the film brings out how those with any kind of disabilities, whether big or small, can be integrated in every sphere without any special efforts. Again, in its simple way it also points out how we can sometimes misunderstand and neglect someone, only for their being a little different from our general perceptions.

The film has been directed by Virendra Saini and the script is by Saeed Akhtar Mirza.


Sonu lives in a small village of Himachal Pradesh with her parents and grandmother. Her father works in Shimla. Intelligent & smart, she is the leader of her gang of friends, which include her neighbour Neelam, Ghanshyam the local grocers (Lalaji) son and Himanshu. Everyone in the village shows special concern towards her, though not in a manner that could embarrass or hurt her.

On the other hand, there is Gagan. Being motherless and spirited he keeps roaming around, mostly in nearby forests and most of his playmates are animals. He is neither a bully nor does he hurt anyone He cares for stray rabbits, plays with snakes. Because of this habit everyone in the village consider him problematic and strictly advise their children to stay away from him. This only makes him somewhat lonely.

Sonu’s parents are always worried about her future. They take her to different doctors and Vaidya’s in hope that her leg becomes fine. But she is by now tired of these false hopes. She knows she cannot do some things her friends do like take the short-cut to their school. But has a longing to be able to do it.

Also there is mountain adjoining their village. Sonu has a secret yearning to climb it. At the close of winters each year a shepherd passes through the village to reach that mountain. All the people and children of the village are friends with him.


One such year while talking with him Sonu’s desire of climbing that mountain grows. She feels that if she could accomplish a task like that, she will be able to convince her parents to stop worrying about her and reassure them that she can accomplish all she wants despite her physical handicap. But the question is who is going to help her. If she talks about her wish to any elders they will sure stop her.

Meanwhile Gagan, due to his habit of loafing around, is suspected by villagers of stealing Lalaji’s gold ring. Sonu helps clear his name. This sort of helps as an ice-breaker.

One day, after helping Sonu to climb the short-cut to school, Gagan again asks her if she wold become his friend. Perhaps that’s the chance Sonu was looking for. She asks Gagan’s help in climbing the mountain which he agrees to. But asks her not to tell anyone, else he will be punished. Sonu promises.

But can a young girl keep her excitement. She tells Neelam, who obviously tells Ghanshyam & Himanshu. And they all come aboard with a solemn promise of not telling their parents and elders, which they sincerely keep.

The next day they all start early in the morning. This of course is going to create some trouble back home, with everyone obviously suspecting Gagan. But why should you read all about it here. Just watch it. (the link’s at the end)


The movie can be watched by anyone from age 4 years and above.The depiction of day-to-day life of people in hilly regions, the care and concern for each other is appealing. It is due to this simple, sweet portrayal of all characters that the narrative becomes endearing.


The most attractive part of the film is the simplicity of story-telling. There is an unassuming attitude which prevents it from being dramatic or preaching.

I could say that the whole story though revolving around Sonu is also about Gagan. In a way, maybe, it tries to show that handicaps can be of different kind. On one hand, everyone in the village is extremely caring towards Sonu. They never try to discourage her, if they do it’s only out of their concern. On the other hand, it is curious to see how being a little different from other kids, Gagan is mostly misunderstood as a problem child.

So, while they are supportive towards Sonu, the villagers themselves suffer from a mental block or a mental handicap towards Gagan. Besides, forbidding their kids to befriend Gagan is also a wrong attitude.

Sonu’s desire to climb the mountain is a way of representing that people with disability of any kind can and do achieve the impossible. Scaling that mountain therefore was both literal and metaphorical. All they need is someone who helps them. Though the villagers are caring they perhaps would not have understood that desire. But Gagan himself being a different sort gets it.

At the same time though Sonu is no close friend of Gagan, still understands and helps to clear his name. Together all the children therefore overcome not just Sonu’s physical handicap but also their own and their elders’ mental constraint towards Gagan.

All in all I can say is, please do watch it. Here’s the link:

Choo Lenge Aakash (2001).


DISCLAIMER: The screenshots, stills and videos from the movie are included here only for the purpose of information, entertainment and propagation of children’s cinema. The copyright over the film rests with the owners/ producers of the movie.


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    This sounds right up my street! Have bookmarked it and hope to watch it sooner rather than later.

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    Oh sure, bookmark this one and the other one I am going to write about today. So please stay tuned.

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